The Australian – Italian Travel Podcast Series - Visiting the Italian relatives with your Australian born children: Part 1

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

11-09-2023 • 1 hora 20 minutos

The Australian – Italian Travel Podcast Series - Visiting Italian relatives with your Australian-born children

This new podcast series is about our family generation going travelling to Europe/ Italy and touring the amazing sites and visiting the Italian relatives and returning to your parent’s paese.

Why do you think we still have this pull back to Italy to visit family with our kids?   Is this an Australian–Italian rite of passage thing do you think?

Is it our responsibility as the first-generation children of immigrant parents to show the following generations where their grandparents come from?

This new Travel Podcast series was instigated by a conversation with Claudia and her girlfriends who also recently returned from their European holiday in July about their similar and different experiences travelling overseas with their families.

This podcast is a light-hearted conversation about travelling with your family overseas. including practical and insightful conversations about the things you wished you knew before you travelled to Europe, what parts of your schedule worked well, the funny and difficult moments, locations and sites that were most loved by the family and why, how visiting the relatives made your kids feel, the kids reaction to places in Europe and now upon reflection the things you would do differently next time or advice you would give other families.

The first episode is joined by Claudia’s friends Julia, Bianca and Margaret who also recently returned from their family overseas holiday in July 2023 with their families.

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