Gratitude Talks with Isaac Soko

Gratitude Talks

10-07-2023 • 28 minutos

A very special Gratitude Talks podcast recording today. As we talk to podcast producer and host Isaac Soko from his recording studio.

We met Isaac 1 year ago when he invited Lisa to join him on his podcast Let Inspiration Take Over.

Since that chat, we have become friends and have watched each other's journeys as bootstrapped businesses with great interest. Isaac refurbished his entire podcast studio in the past few months and he invited us over to experience the set in full.

So here we are, the first professionally recorded Gratitude Talks. Made possible by Isaac. We hope you enjoy the conversation straight from the Inspirxn Studio. Interested in learning more about Isaac Soko?

Isaac Soko is the Founder of INSPRXN STUDIO a video podcast studio based in Dewsbury England. Isaac is both a podcast producer and the podcast host of the ‘Let Inspiration Takeover’ Podcast, also known as ‘Lit Podcast’.

Contact Details:


- isaac.speaks


- let_inspiration_takeover



Isaac Soko


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