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2 missions of the 21st century: climate change & space exploration
2 missions of the 21st century: climate change & space exploration
Welcome to future39.  We’re talking about the future of work (and life in the solar system) with futurist Kate Levchuk.   Guest: Kate Levchul   - Kate is an exec at Infosys   - She’s a futurist, a consultant, an author, a researcher, and has masters degrees in 2 disciplines   What we talk about:   - 30 years ago, Harvard Business School professor Shoshana Zuboff said that everything that can be automated, will be. Agree?   - If we look at the scope of history and we see a time in the past where nothing was automated, and we see a future that is completely or mostly automated … where are we now?   - What does work start to look like when most or all manufacturing is automated … what jobs remain? What does it do to our economy? What does it do to trade … does it kill regional advantages in costs due to cheap labor?   And ... two massive missions of the 21st century: One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is the massive global job of the next century is repairing and restoring our environment, and creating sustainable and healthy living conditions for people. What does that look like to you?  Another major job … mission … colonizing the solar system. If we look down the line a little farther … there are serious people with serious technology who are seriously looking at things like expanding where humans can live to the moon, to Mars, and beyond. How does that change the picture for humanity, and jobs, and your vision for the kind of future we’ll have?  What science fiction do you love, and what has influenced your thinking?   Ultimately, the questions boil down to:   - Will you have a job? What will it look like?    - What will changing jobs do to our economies? To trade?