Step Into Your Feminine Energy

Growth and Goals Podcast

26-02-2024 • 17 minutos

Lately I have been operating out of my masculie energy and I am starting to feel stressed, tense, overwhelmed and burntout. The tips I am sharing in today's episode have helped me move out of my masculine and into the devine feminine.

Disclaimer, masculine and feminine energies have absolutely nothing to do with gender, every single person uses both. They're like yin and yang and there are seasons in everyone's life where one is needed more than the other.

The masculine energy isn't bad, it's what drives us forward, gives us the courage to take risks and drives us to achieve goals; however, getting stuck in your masculine energy can lead to anxiety because you try to control everything, cause stress because you're in fight or flight mode all the time, and lead to burnout due to constantly striving.

If that sounds like you and you're wanting to move into the intuitive, creative, peaceful, and recieving energy of the divine feminine then this episode is for you!

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