Imposter Syndrome

Growth and Goals Podcast

30-10-2023 • 19 minutos

What is imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome is when your compitence is greater than your confidence and it's actually a lot more common than you might think. Even incredibly accomplished people like Maya Angelou and Albert Enstein struggled with it, so if you experience imposter syndrome you're in good company.

In today's episode I discuss:

  • 4 signs that you might be struggling with imposter syndrome and how it can show up at work, home, school, and even in relationships
  • Seperating feeling from fact- when it comes to imposter syndrome feelings of inadequecy are often a figment of our own minds. Take notes of your accomplishments, when you struggle with those feelings it can be nice to have a tangle reminder that you are capable
  • Have alearning mindset- rather than going into something with the mindset of 'I am going to fail' shift to 'even if I don't succeed I will learn something'
  • Avoid comparison- instead of looking at everyone else's success as highlighting your flaws, instead work towards collaboration and learn from others

If you weren't ready for more, the opportunity wouldn't present itself. If a door opens for you, trust that it is meant for you because you are ready, it wouldn't be there if you weren't. You are so capable, talented and have something unique to offer the world. Seize that opportunity, you are worthy and deserving of it!

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