Are EVs Worth It?

We‘ve Got a Problem

26-01-2024 • 12 minutos

Are electric vehicles from Tesla, GM, Polestar, BYD, Volkswagen, and the like over-hyped? Are they "worth it" for the planet and your wallet? Watch this episode on YouTube: Electric cars are becoming more and more common. If you live in a major city, they’re everywhere, and they’ve got a lot going for them. Imagine never having to visit a gas station, or anything resembling one, except when you go on a road trip. With an electric car, you just walk out of your house in the morning, unplug, and you’ve got a full tank. If you drive your car approximately 11,000 miles a year, the average miles traveled per vehicle in the US according to the latest available numbers from 2021, or about 30 miles per day, you probably don’t even have to charge more than a few times a week. And if you’ve got solar panels on your house, you can feel all warm and snuggly that you’re charging your car with clean energy. Sounds awesome! But are they right for everyone? Sources: