Ep #73: Law of Attraction Explained

Going Pro Yoga Podcast

24-02-2022 • 26 minutos

Do you want to attract and manifest money, joy, love or anything you want into your life?

What if we told you it was all possible just by one simple law…

The law of attraction!

In this episode, we discuss the fundamental ideas and principles of the law of attraction.

We talk about how gratitude plays a key role in allowing us to gradually attract what we want.

And how emotions, both negative and positive will affect what you attract.

If you want to start attracting something into your life then listen to the full episode to get started!

  • (00:00) Do you know the Secret?
  • (01:49) What is the law of attraction?
  • (04:09) Channeling Abraham…
  • (05:10) Your emotions and vibrational state impact your law of attraction
  • (07:15) What does Michael want to attract
  • (09:03) Gratitude is the key to allowing
  • (11:43) Applying some Tony Robbins knowledge
  • (13:32) Attraction works both ways, we can attract fear and become the victim.
  • (15:45) Where do gratitude and guilt sit on the vibrational spectrum?
  • (16:58) Gratitude and mindset is something you practice
  • (18:00) Small steps and progressions create big changes over time
  • (20:13) It’s time to start attracting and manifesting what you want in your life


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