The Irish Divorce - Episode One

Documentary on Newstalk

26-06-2023 • 46 minutos

Documentary On Newstalk presents "‘The Irish Divorce” an original radio series by Jonathan Farrelly. "The Irish Divorce - ‘When you and your spouse over time start leading completely separate lives and sleeping in different rooms, but don't divorce because you're Irish Catholics.” Told from the perspective of a Therapist and a couple that has gone through ‘an Irish Divorce’ and came out the other side, this series looks to uncover and go deep within the psychology of ‘The Irish Divorce’. Our therapist, Debra Armstrong will take us on a journey from the outside in, while our couple, ‘Wil-ly and Breda’* will take us on their journey, from the inside out. *Please note, due to the sensitivity of the topic and our couples wish to rename anonymous, their names have been changed and their testimonies have been recorded by actors.