Pleasure in Depth

Sprinkle Sparkle

07-12-2022 • 52 minutos

“[W]e can't talk about joy until we talk about the grief. They are two sides of the same coin.” In this episode, Nubia introduces us to her friend Austen Smith, a Louisville writer featured in Taunt and QueerKY. Austen shows us the spiritual side of pleasure and what they do to unlock pleasure from within, and connect even with the ugly parts. “If we're willing to go that deep on joy, if we're really willing to go that hard on pleasure, then we need to talk about all of the trauma, both sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual, that get in the way of pleasure,” Austen says. Both Nubia and Austen explore the unconventional aspects of pleasure that at first might look like roadblocks, but can add gratitude and humility to your life after you heal. Listen in and get ready for a little sprinkle sparkle!