Pleasure in Partnership

Sprinkle Sparkle

28-09-2022 • 1 hora 4 minutos

When you were young, who showed you what pleasure could look like? For Kendrick Jones, it was his parents — his dad had an after-work ritual he followed every day, and his mom spent Sunday mornings dancing to gospel and cleaning house. But he also had a more unusual role model: a drag performer named Li’l Ronnie. “He was one of my mom's closest friends. When he was not performing, be the cleanest fella in the room. Girls is flocking all to him, he’s just floating like he's walking on the cloud,” Kendrick says. When Kendrick was six or seven, he saw Li’l Ronnie in drag for the first time. “He's still floating right through the room, and women and men are still flocking to him! He just floats through this world no matter what he looks like, where he's at, Li’l Ronnie is Li’l Ronnie.” Kenrick and his wife, Amber Burns-Jones, join Nubia Bennett on this episode to explore the pleasure in partnership and family. They talk about how holding space for pleasure makes them more successful parents to their two sets of twins (you read that right: two sets of twins). Amber and Kendrick model for their children, and each other, how to find joy in daily life, even when we have tremendous responsibilities. Listen in and get ready for a little Sprinkle Sparkle!