Pleasures of Motherhood

Sprinkle Sparkle

20-10-2022 • 1 hora 6 minutos

All season so far, you’ve heard host Nubia Bennett ask her guests, “Who taught you how to feel pleasure?” For Nubia herself, one of the answers is this episode’s guest, Porsche Gilbert. Porsche talks about her long journey to motherhood, and how it shaped her relationship with joy. “It’s the pleasure of looking at my kids and knowing I prayed for them,” she says. “The next part of the pursuit of happiness is putting these two humans out into the community.” Porsche’s mom was a teenager struggling to move past her own trauma, who dropped her off with her grandparents at age 5. “They loved me with everything they had,” she says. “That was the first time in my life that I felt any type of sense of security, that these people aren't going to let anything happen to me.” This episode’s conversation covers happiness as a journey and a destination, and challenges you to love yourself, “even when you’re ugly.” Listen in and get ready for a little Sprinkle Sparkle! Note: This episode contains a description of childhood sexual abuse. If you don’t want to hear that part, skip ahead at the 25-minute mark and pick it back up 5 minutes later.