#26 Transforming New Year's Resolutions into Habits

The Coach Hammer Podcast

11-01-2022 • 14 minutos

Coach Hammer sits down with longtime friend Jeremy Pace to sharing insights on what it takes to shift our New Year's Resolutions Into Consistent Habits That Stick!

Coach Hammer shares his thoughts around how New Year's resolutions fail for one simple reason: they don't become habits they become what he calls "one day-ers." One day I'll do this or one day I'll do that. In order for a New Year's Resolution to morph into a game changer in our lives it takes DISCIPLINE & CONSISTENCY.

"Getting better doesn't happen with one statement we make for the year. Although it's a big step; as my guy Jocko Willink says  "Getting better is a campaign of discipline" -Jocko

The Coach Hammer Action Plan:

We give yourself your best shot at success if you set a goal that’s doable — and meaningful too.

Be Specific

Have something that's actually doable. The timeline toward reaching your goal should be realistic, too. That means giving yourself enough time to do it with lots of smaller intermediate goals set up along the way.

Habits are key, but at the same time let's all remember to KEEP CHARGIN' AND DO OUR BEST EVERYDAY TO DO OUR BEST!