Winning Families #4: Winning The Hearts Of Our Kids

Winning Families

20-03-2022 • 36 minutos

  • Avoiding the two parenting styles guaranteed to drive your kids away from church...(Lesson 1)
  • How to transform your home life from chaos to peace within hours... (Lessons 1 & 2)
  • How to craft your kids into sharp arrows of battle for God’s kingdom... (Lesson 2)
  • How to instill in your kids a love for God’s ways and a hatred for sin... (Lesson 3)
  • How to use the three A’s to demonstrate your love... (Lesson 4)
  • How to win the hearts of your kids so they want to be with you... (Lesson 4)
  • How to avoid overdrawing your Relational Equity account with your kids... (Lesson 4)
  • The biggest parenting lies in pop culture vs. the Biblical worldview...(Lesson 5)
  • How to be both Mom and Dad if you’re a single parent... (Lesson 5)
  • Who’s right about punishing and spanking, and what to do about it... (Lesson 5)
  • The three stages of child development and how to parent in each one...(Lesson 6)