S2E3 - Exploring Science and Hype: Chandrayaan, ISRO, and Beyond

Desi Academia Podcast

05-10-2023 • 1 hora 11 minutos

In this episode of DAP, the gang gets together to talk about the recent achievements of India's renowned space agency, ISRO, and its groundbreaking Chandrayaan mission. We discuss why these achievements are often regarded as commendable amidst the flurry of headlines and what this hype truly signifies. Is it a genuine love for science, or does it sometimes border on jingoism? Are we witnessing a resurgence of the glory days of research, or is there more to the story?   We also talk about the less glamorous aspects of science and the unique challenges it faces in a headline-dominated, macho space. What is the deal with applied scientists, including engineers and doctors, and their relationship with religion and pseudoscience? Can these professionals afford to be irrational in their personal beliefs while remaining proficient in their work? We also examine the broader implications of ISRO's success on the systemic issues within Indian academia and research. Will it serve as a convenient distraction from these issues, with the constant clutch of "see how ISRO is achieving great things"? What does this mean for research that doesn't bring international glory or isn't part of a prestigious race? Join us as we navigate through the intersection of science, hype, and the complex world of research in India. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/desi-academic-podcast/message

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