S3 Ep29: Behind the curtain with Eric Newton, MC of The Empire Strips Back burlesque comedy

Unpacking Life's Crazy

28-02-2023 • 53 minutos

In Episode 29 of Unpacking Life's Crazy, Esperanza interviews Eric Newton, writer/comedian and MC of The Empire Strips Back. Are you a Star Wars nerd, Harry Potter fan or theatre geek? If so, this episode is absolutely for you. Eric offers listeners a peek behind the curtain of this Star Wars themed burlesque parody. Enjoy humorous backstage details about this wildly popular "Vegas worthy" burlesque show. We’ll also share when you might expect this show to land on a stage near you. Unpacking some good vibes and lots of love for the Star Wars fandom with this episode, for real.

Formerly from the East Bay in California, Unpacking Life’s Crazy is now coming to your from Beaverton, just outside of Portland Oregon. If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you know we really belonged somewhere weirder. (We meaning me, my boyfriend does a good job passing as normal.) This is a one woman production.