I share my biggest secret weapon to amazing edits and fast turnaround times.

Wedding Photography Unveiled

29-01-2024 • 56 minutos

On this weeks episode I have the pleasure of talking to Gautham from Oodio. They are a design, edit & print agency that specialise in helping wedding photographers.

We talk about the benefits of outsourcing your editing, even in the age of AI. Why I rely on Oodio and why I don't think it's a huge cost at all.

We also talk about Oodio's upcoming visit to The Photography Show at the NEC on March 16th-19th and Thrive. The albums they offer and how they can benefit you as a studio.

I honestly cannot recommend them enough. If you want to give them a trial, here's a link to their editing service and my exclusive referral code:


Use code: MARTINCH2022 to get $20 off your first order!!