Azadeh Atzberger | From Trauma to Triumph: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

Who Ya Know Show

02-03-2024 • 1 hora 4 minutos

About the Guest(s):

Azadeh is a transformational life coach and couples coach, with an incredible personal journey that fuels her current calling. Born amid the chaos of the Iranian revolution, Azadeh's early life was marred by trauma and what she describes as a 'narcissistic culture' that conflated abuse with love, setting a harmful relational template. Overcoming her struggles, she has been sober for 22 years and uses victory over her own demons to guide others. She helps individuals navigate through the challenges of narcissistic abuse and relationship dynamics, armed with her methodologies, including a 12-step program tailored for recovery from such abuse.

Episode Summary:

In this heartfelt and enlightening episode, Azadeh and host Trevor unpack the subtle nuances of healthy and toxic relationships just in time for Valentine's Day. The conversation delves deep into what true love should look like, as opposed to the deceptive tactics of a narcissist. They explore how a nurturing relationship takes time to develop and the pitfalls of rushing into emotional attachments prematurely.

Azadeh shares her wisdom on the patterns that lead individuals to attract toxic partners, presenting key indicators of narcissistic behavior and explaining how to navigate such relationships, with a particularly intriguing perspective on narcissism in the workplace. Through engaging anecdotes and insightful exchanges, Trevor and Azadeh deconstruct the complexities behind the need for validation, communication snafus, and the crucial role of self-awareness and accountability in dating and professional environments.



(0:04:39) The common denominator in toxic relationships.

(0:07:30) Turning red flags into green flags, ignoring warning signs.

(0:08:10) Setting deal breakers and knowing your bottom line in relationships.

(0:09:36) Becoming the person you want to attract in a partner.

(0:12:55) Tips for dealing with narcissistic relationships and seeking help.

(0:15:09) How to differentiate between love bombing and genuine feelings

(0:21:32) Being intentional about finding a partner and taking time to know them.

(0:24:12) Making a list of wants and deal breakers in a partner.

(0:27:25) Lack of vulnerability and fear of intimacy in relationships.

(0:30:06) Creating space for conscious speaking in relationships.

(0:34:14) Red flags of a narcissistic boss.

(0:37:24) The conflict of calling out excuses in a group setting.

(0:40:05) The importance of balance and consistency in leadership.

(0:50:49) Azadeh’s experience of seeking attention and validation.

(0:53:57) Trevor's determination to prove himself to the world.